Method of payment

In our online booking process we offer you the opportunity of paying either by direct debit or by credit card.

We require your bank code and account number for a direct debit or IBAN and BIC.  

We accept Visacard and MasterCard and American Express for credit card payments.

The premium will be debited to your account or reported to your credit card company within one week.  

You can also take out several insurances one after the other. To do this, please click on "next insurance" after you have completed your first insurance booking. Your data will then be automatically transferred to the following booking transaction.

We respect your private sphere: we treat all data with strict confidentiality and safely transmit it SSL-encoded to ensure data protection.

Secure Socket Layer Explained

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a protocol that will allow you to send and receive information from our server on the World Wide Web in an encrypted manner. This means that any information (credit card information, personal information, pictures, text, forms, etc.) that are transmitted from your Web browser will be completely encrypted and secure. Thus, while the data may travel across a large number of networks to reach us, nobody will be able to intercept and read the information you are sending or receiving apart from us.

This level of security is provided using our SSL Digital Server Certificate of Authenticity. This is installed on our web server and gives you the confidence to communicate your transaction securely with us.

For safety reasons, only the last four digits of the account number or credit card number are showed right. The other digits are replaced by XXXX in payment information that we transfer by e-mail.